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fall out boy - hum hallelujah

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Patrick: As a little kid I used to sleep in class and my mom took me to the doctor to see if there’s something wrong with me. I was just really lazy.

Pete: He’ll be like ‘your kid is diagnosed with laziness’

Patrick: “Your kid is a lazy son of a bitch”

I’ll hear things from people where it’s like, “Oh your band’s great but I hate your bass player” and I’m like, then you just said you hate our band cause I don’t fucking care. He’s my best friend. Obviously he’s still in the band for a reason, it’s not like I’m waiting for someone to go “Oh yeah, you know, Pete sucks” and I’ll go like “Yes! Thank you, now he’s totally fired!” No, he’s my best friend and he’s absolutely important. He’s invaluable. I wouldn’t be here without him. I’ll hear things like, “Your voice is great but Pete’s really lame” and it’s like, well, Pete’s the only guy who got me to sing. I wasn’t a singer until Pete saw it in me. So I don’t particularly see value in me being a singer but he does and he’s always my cheerleader, trying to keep me going. So I am the musician I am pretty much because of Pete. And I’m not even saying I’m that great a musician. I’m saying if there’s anyone that thinks I am, all the thanks goes to Pete. So that’s one thing that bothers me a lot and I don’t think people really understand fully.
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Pete Wentz : Temporary on Vimeo (via Vimeo)

seriously the greatest shit ever.

Chris- pete the genius!

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Bebe and Pete at the House of Blues LA Oct. 14, 2011.

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