Richard Brook: an audition

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We gotta find the last pawprint - that’s the third clue!

John puts it in his notebook, ‘cause they’re whose clues?

Jim’s clues! ♪

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There was a very touching moment between them on Wednesday; Martin had arrived on set several hours after Benedict, and when Benedict spotted him he went straight up to Martin who was standing by the monitors and gave him a huge hug. It was lovely to see, especially as they continued to talk, Benedict standing in the road and Martin on the pavement (but still managing to be the same height incidentally), Benedict arranged the front of Martin’s shirt for him as he talked.

Sherlockology’s summary of their time watching the Sherlock filming. (via doctorjohnholmes)

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Sherlock season two filming (by oh.mumble)


This much was always clear to me.

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Thoughts On The Woman


We have a new guest article by Victoria De Capua. Thoughts On The Woman considers how to update the character of Irene Adler for 21st century audiences.




in which Sherlock serves as an adequate blanket

My heart

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“… Constantly.”

Yep, see, I’m never too far from the Sherlock fandom… This is one that had been in my head for a while, the men in Sherlock’s life, watching, worrying…
Painted on photoshop, most of it completed tonight with about 6 cups of coffee in my blood due to crazy production at work, and no food (stimulates the creativity somehow, don’t ask). Flawed and stuff, but still, that’s how I pictured it overall, so wooo!







Shut up

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That moment when you and Girlzilla have similar tastes in John/Sherlock.

#No seriously though #Dom!John is made of magic

That wonderful moment when you and H.deduct are very much of the same mind.

 #no really everyone things that dom!sherlock is the shit but i swear to god john is a bamf from hell and he will fuck sherlock over the arm of that couch the first chance he gets no warning no sweetness just cock rubbing against arse until sherlock is gagging for it

I almost choked on my drink, oh god.

Now I feel like I should someday write dom!John/Sherlock.

You know, after I eventually finish my very first piece ever (Holmes/Watson) and the Moriarty/Sherlock piece.

Mmmmmmmmm count me in on those who are awaiting your first pieces, alright?  Also, you know as well as I do that John would get seriously cross with Sherlock sometimes as flatmates often do, and Sherlock would, in the more extreme cases, have to spend a great deal of time servicing John on his knees before he’d be even halfway forgiven.

“Its fine.  Its all fine” Indeed.

Oh dear, in this case, I certainly hope I don’t disappoint.

Indeed.  I thoroughly approve of this train of thought.