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Laura watching Gangnam Style for the very first time. How cute she is. 

(photo: Chris Farren/Fake Problems)


New Ryan Russell photograph: Laura Jane Grace of Against Me!

Just wait," she says, "till they get a load of me.


Tom Gabel, “Transgender Dysphoria Blues.”

Can’t get over how brave and difficult this must be. Tough enough struggling with issues of weight and body image but gender and sex in public and in the punk scene no less?

Wondering what will happen with the band… brilliant lyrics.

Your tells are so obvious.
Shoulders too broad for a girl
Keeps you reminded
Helps you remember where you come from

You want them to notice
The ragged ends of your summer dress
You want them to see you like they see every other girl.
They just see a faggot. They hold their breath not to catch the sick
Washed up on the coast, I wish we could’ve spent the whole day alone
With you

You’ve got no cunt in your strut
You’ve got no hips to shake
You know it’s obvious, but we can’t choose how we’re made.


Just bringing this back.

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When Tom Gabel looks like a velociraptor. 

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Just made this wallpaper for myself, aww yee. This is 1680x1050, if any other AM! fans stumble upon this I can change it up for ya, I’ve already got it in 1920x1080 for my friend Sam.

Song lyrics are from:

  • Y’all Don’t Wanna Step to Dis.
  • High Pressure Low
  • Rapid Decompression
  • Up the Cuts
  • Miami
  • Holy Shit
  • T.S.R. (This Shit Rocks)
  • Turn Those Clapping Hands into Angry Balled Fists
  • Those Anarcho Punks Are Mysterious
  • Baby, I’m an Anarchist
  • Walking is Still Honest

My top favourite songs, or at least most of them!


This man is the coolest.

things in this photo I like:

  • drums
  • bass
  • bass players
  • excited fans
  • Andrew’s arms