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 a list of rules, established as I go

(taken from this beautiful poem)

aaaaaaaaaaaaand chapter 1 of Castiel, Angel of WoW (working title)

in other news this is going to be the cutest fanfiction of my life?!?!

in other other news i am sorry that melissa is going to see this fanfiction because she works with me but i am not REALLY that sorry because i am a genius

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I really wish the “cas riding dean out of purgatory” theory still held true like can you imagine cas trying to impersonate dean 

“mmm yes pie my favourite confectionary. thank you sam”

“look at the badonkadonk on that woman, sam-my”

“ha ha yes that is a funny use of pop culture references good one”



Old man Dean! And his young man :3

I have a huge soft spot for older Dean/always-young-angel Castiel. There has to be a little bitterness in my curtain stuff. I like the sadness of it, but I also love the idea of Castiel loving Dean no matter how he changes over the years.

I also firmly believe he would be there when Dean dies, and leaves for heaven mere moments after him. lalala you can’t tell me different

#I actually really adore this #Because you know Cas would use bits of his angel mojo to heal Dean’s stiff joints #And Dean would scowl at him and tell him not to baby him #But Cas would do it on the sly #And he never complains about the music in the Impala being played ever louder #He still lies next to Dean in bed at night and traces the outline of his face and the symbols on his ribs #Part of Dean settles with it all #Though he never quite gets over people thinking of Cas as his son #And whenever he does get insecure about being old and his body and his mind not being what they used to be #Cas just smiles and says he doesn’t care #Because he’s always loved Dean’s soul before either of the others #Castiel knows for most of the week before Dean dies that it’s going to happen #And he makes sure to only look sad when Dean can’t see him #So he hands him his coffee over his shoulder #And kisses him #Because by the time he’s come back from hanging out the laundry #Dean will have gone to sleep and won’t wake up #But he smiles because it doesn’t matter #And as Dean takes his first step into Heaven #30 years old again #An angel takes his hand (via inkorstardust)

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Reblogging every version of this and I’m not even sorry

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…and Good Luck.