Normal is an illusion. What is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly.
Morticia Addams (via runningfromadream)
Cause of death: Diabetes. Just kidding! He exploded.
Woody the Coroner on Psych, “Indiana Shawn and The Temple of the Kinda Crappy, Rusty Old Dagger” (via stainedglassdreams)
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It’s strange indeed how memories can lie dormant in a man’s mind for so many years. Yet those memories can be awakened and brought forth fresh and new, just by something you’ve seen, or something you’ve heard, or the sight of an old familiar face.
Where the Red Fern Grows by Wilson Rawls (via b00kquotezbro)
The view changes from where you are standing.
Words can wound, and wounds can heal.
All these things are true.
Neil Gaiman in ‘Strange Little Girls’ (via itseasyjusttolookaway)
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Stories, like people and butterflies and songbirds’ eggs and human hearts and dreams, are also fragile things, made up of nothing stronger or more lasting than twenty-six letters and a handful of punctuation marks. Or they are words on the air, composed of sounds and ideas—abstract, invisible, gone once they’ve been spoken—and what could be more frail than that? But some stories, small, simple ones about setting out on adventures or people doing wonders, tales of miracles and monsters, have outlasted all the people who told them, and some of them have outlasted the lands in which they were created.
Neil Gaiman (Fragile Things)
Wicked people never have time for reading. It’s one of the reasons for their wickedness.
Lemony Snicket (via theawesomebatman)


“I became very observant, a watcher. Very creepy, I would say. I learned to see beauty in everything and ugliness in everything. I developed a very honest perspective. There was this real beautiful model once [in an art class], but she had this scar on her stomach and I made sure to pay a lot of attention to that. I thought that made her more attractive in a way.” — Gerard Way.

The moral of “The Three Bears” is, ‘Never break into someone else’s house.’ The moral of “Snow White” is “Never eat apples.” The moral of World War One is “Never assassinate Archduke Ferdinand.”
Lemony Snicket (via whatsthatblog)
There are times to stay put, and what you want will come to you, and there are times to go out into the world and find such a thing for yourself.
Lemony Snicket (via effluvium)
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If we think only of ourselves, forget about other people, then our minds occupy very small area. Inside that small area, even tiny problem appears very big. But the moment you develop a sense of concern for others, you realize that, just like ourselves, they also want happiness; they also want satisfaction. When you have this sense of concern, your mind automatically widens. At this point, your own problems, even big problems, will not be so significant. The result? Big increase in peace of mind. So, if you think only of yourself, only your own happiness, the result is actually less happiness. You get more anxiety, more fear.
Dalai Lama (via salveo)
People aren’t either wicked or noble. They’re like chef’s salads, with good things and bad things chopped and mixed together in a vinaigrette of confusion and conflict.
Lemony Snicket, The Grim Grotto (via duhfawnie)
Reading is one form of escape. Running for your life is another.