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So I was reading up on Avengers trivia and apparently RDJ kept food hidden all over this set and they couldn’t find where it was so they just kinda let him continue doing it. So that’s his actual food he’s offering and whenever he’s eating in a scene, it’s not scripted. He was just hungry.

“Evans, you are thirty years old. I am forty seven. I get hungry like every three fucking hours, so I am going to eat a goddamn snack. If you want to be doing action films when you are forty seven, you are going to need to get used to hiding dried fruit around the set. Do you want to be doing action films when you are forty seven?”

“I would like a blueberry please, sir.”

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We really should be best friends (x).

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I would’ve failed every class.

professor downey, i need your help on this assignment

*an hour later*

“do you understand this now? :-)”


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Tony with Butterfingers & Dummy