singing with skin and bone (bruce banner; bruce/tony, past bruce/betty)


I’ve been wanting to write Bruce’s story for a while now, and I got it finished up today. Most of that part of it is taken from canon and then played with, of course. I hope you want to read it and enjoy doing so as much as I wanted to write it and enjoyed finishing it.

TRIGGER WARNINGS: extreme child and spousal abuse, attempted suicide, misc. violence including allusions to torture.

He finds his center of balance in India, amid chaos that he can’t control, a language he cannot speak, poverty and desolation he cannot cure. The kids who find him here have eyes only slightly darker than the circles under his and- slowly, carefully, always with focus- he treats their ills and mends their broken bones.

This place is all shades of red, yellow, orange, and when he isn’t working Bruce allows himself to soak some of it in. His skin is brown by now.

He goes from city to city, living in worn down apartments and rooms, staying a while and then moving on when he feels restless or paranoid. His clothes get dirty and then don’t get clean again.

Bruce breathes. He fixes. He keeps his head down. He does good. He stays angry.

He hasn’t had an episode in nearly a year.

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