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Happy Valentine's Day, Auto Correct

  • Mom: Happy Palestine Day!
  • Mom: Maharajah
  • Me: What? you mean Valentines day?
  • Mom: maharajah. thats what my phone writes when i try to make a laugh.
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Bad Blizzard

  • Me: bad blizzard… ride home?
  • Dad: try nutty banana
  • Me: ?
  • Dad: nutty banana blizzard of the month: pecans bananas and chocolaty bits blended with creamy vanilla soft serve
  • Dad: o you meant the weather
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# NO.


  • ME: Happy Valentimes Day!
  • DAD: No.

Ice Spiders

  • Me: Do you know that you have an automatic signature? After every text you send this appears: )o(
  • Dad: That’s an ice spider


  • ME: Some lady just came to my dorm and told me that I have been selected to join an honors society and congratulated me on my 3.25 gpa, but that is not true! Should i still fill out the forms???
  • MOM: yes, continue your life of lies.

Facebook Identity Theft

  • Me: Mom, today is not your birthday…
  • Mom: It was a fake birthday to throw off identity thieves… It didn’t work too well. I have confused my friends!

Concert Trouble

  • MOM: help i think im in a mosh pit
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  • Mom: can you get KRISTEN after school?
  • Me: why is her name in all caps still? you got a new phone
  • Mom: it’s for the sake of old times.


  • mom: Turtle emergency! Found upside down in the pond..taken to the hospital right away…will keep you informed!