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Ron Swanson dance loop HD (best version) (by swanwrongsong)


I’m literally so happy I could cry 

The Canucks’ reaction to Chris Tanev’s first NHL goal (3-2 OT winner)

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Dark Lens Cédric Delsaux

“Over the years, many artists have interpreted Star Wars in ways that extend well beyond anything we saw in the films. One of the most unique and intriguing interpretations that I have seen is in the work of Cedric Delsaux, who has cleverly integrated Star Wars characters and vehicles into stark urban, industrial - but unmistakably earthbound - environments. As novel and disruptive as his images are, they are also completely plausible.” George Lucas

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O Death by Jen Titus

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Incredible Hulk (201?)
Mark Ruffalo — Bruce Banner/Hulk
Rashida Jones — Betty Ross 

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I’ve never been happier in my life. 

Tonight is the night


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Paul Bettany Up for Role of Javert Opposite Hugh Jackman in LES MISERABLES


We’ve got a couple of casting stories for you this morning. Last night, we reported that Hugh Jackman is currently in negotiations to star in director Tom Hooper’s (The King’s Speech) big-budget musical adaptation of Les Miserables. Jackman is eyeing the role of protagonist Jean Valjean, and now Deadline reports that Paul Bettany is a candidate to play the villainous police inspector Javert. Apparently he’s read for the role and sang a few songs from the stage musical. I like the idea of Bettany as Javert. He’s a fine dramatic actor, and he and Jackman make an interesting pair.





I laughed.

Well done Applebees.

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